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Key West Light Tackle Fishing Charters

Key West guide and charter boat Captain Grif Helwig's specialty is light tackle fishing.   There is no other form of ocean fishing that offers the excitement and challenge that light tackle fishing can present.  
Sail FishSeptember to June
TunaSeptember to May (on the Atlantic side)
TunaMay to August (on the Gulf side)
MarlinMay to August
KingsDec. through April
Dolphin - Mahi MahiMay through August
CobiaFeb.  to  May  (the gulf side has the best bite)
Mackerel & JacksSeptember to June
BarracudaAnytime  (usually in there's plenty)
Reef FishingAnytime is good, lots of options.
Amber JackApril through August
GrouperFeb. through May
Yellowtail SnapperJune through October
TarponMarch through Sept.
Mutton SnapperGood year round
Permit FishApril through August
Mangrove SnappersJune through Sept.
WahooNov. through  March
RedfishNovember through Feb.


The hook up itself is challenging enough but the real fun starts when that oversized shark or 150lb tarpon decides to sample your offerings.  

You'll be having second thoughts on the wisdom of a 20lb leader when your first jumbo Tarpon takes you for a wild ride.   If there was ever a fish that could be accused of smoking crack it would be the Tarpon.
The charter boats are also very different, usually they are much smaller to be able to access the shallow back country areas that are ideal for light tackle fishing.  

The boats will not have a fighting chair since the overall size of the fish targeted will be much smaller than an off shore charter might target. 

It will be just you mano on mano against whatever fish you hook up.
The line weight is a lower poundage, the poles used are not near as stiff to match up with the line weight,   and the lures or jigs are also much lighter.  Endless Summer Charters uses nothing but the top of the line fishing rods and reels.

A typical set up would consist of 30 to 50lb braided backing with a 20lb fluorocarbon leader.   The fluorocarbon is very important in the crystal clear waters of Key West. 

If you're new to the game there are only a few simple essential saltwater fishing knots you need to know when you are light tackle fishing.
Key West fly fishing guide casting a lure
Fisherman holding a trophy Barracuda.
Fish guide holding a giant Key West Snook.
Fly fisherman holding a Florida Tarpon
Tarpon exploding out of the water.
Light tackle fishing is a completely different form of fishing compared to the off shore and deep water fishing charters that many fisherman associate with salt water fishing.  

Just as the name implies the gear used is much less heavy duty than the offshore or deep water fishing variety.

We Use Nothing But The Finest Fishing Gear!

We Use Specially Designed Back Country Charter Boats

Shallow water flat fishing boats.
One of the factors that makes this form of charter fishing so exciting is the fact that there is such a wide range of fish species that you may encounter.   Some of the most common fish you may catch are groupers, amber jacks, permit, snapper, barracuda, bonefish, tarpon, redfish and sharks of every size and shape.  

Not knowing if that next bite is going to be a 5lb bone fish or a giant barracuda definitely raises the ante.

Back Country Light Tackle Sight Fishing

The back country fishing guides such as Captain Grif will also specialize in sight fishing for tarpon, jacks, permit and bone fish. 

Sight fishing in the flats can be the most challenging form of fishing since the water is so shallow and the fish can also see you.  

It's also the most exciting.  The flats boats are designed for stealth and usually will have a platform for the guide to spot fish and pole the boat.

Offering World Class Tarpon Fishing Adventures!

You will relish the victory when you are finally able to land the fish of a lifetime knowing that you accomplished it with the most sporting of saltwater fishing methods.

Key West Fishing Seasons by Species

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