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Eight Essential Saltwater Fishing Knots Everyone Should Know!

Double Uni Knot
Before venturing forth on your next Key West fishing charter be sure to brush up your knowledge on

the best fishing knots and most common fishing knots everyone should know.

Below you will find a few of the most common and effective

saltwater fishing knots

that any fisherman worth their weight in salt should know how to tie.   While there are many more complicated fishing knots than the knots we have illustrated, the knots illustrated below are some of the easiest for you to master and remember. 

If you have these eight knots in you're fishing repertoire you're all set for a great day on the water.  Be sure to save this page on your phone so you will always have a handy illustration available incase you need a refresher course.

Be Sure To Pick The Right Fishing Knot!

The few knots we will mention are all you need to know to get you by if you're a saltwater fisherman.

One important note, whenever you are tying a knot of any kind you should use a little saliva before tightning to help reduce any friction & chaffing.

The saltwater fishing knots we list all have distinct advantages depending on your fishing application.   Be sure to choose what's best for your specific application.
Hook or swivel to Mono Leader
Improved Clinch Knot
Uni Knot
Clinch Knot

The Improved Clinch Knot

-  The improved clinch knot is a staple of many experienced anglers and also a very reliable fishing knot.  

Clinch knot
Works best for tying on hooks, swivels, etc using monofilament line.   Not the best knot choice if you are using braided line.
Clinch knot

The Uni-Knot

-  Another very strong saltwater fishing knot for tying a hook, swivel or jig head.  This knot is best used with monofilament leaders.   The palomar or braid knot would be a better choice for braided lines.
Step 1
A)  Thread the fishing line through the eyelet and run the loose end parallel to the attached line.
Uni knot
Step 2
B) Pinch the line with your thumb and forefinger three or four inches up from the hook.  Create a loop with the loose end of the line and run the end through the loop six or seven times.
Uni knot
C) Pull the loose end until the knot is very lightly snug.
Saltwater uni knot
Step 3
D) Grab the hook or jig and pull gently on the line until the knot is  tight.   (moisten line before tightening)
Hook or Swivel to Braided Line
Palomar Knot
Braid Knot
Bimini Twist

The Palomar Knot

- One of the strongest saltwater fishing knots for attaching lures or hooks.   Works well for the new braided fishing lines.
Step 1
A) Put a small loop in your line and pass the loop through the hook eyelet.
Saltwater fishing palomar knot
Step 2
B)  Tie a simple loop knot in your line keeping it loose at this point with no twisting of the line if you can avoid it.
Palomar knot illustrated
Step 3
C) Pull the loop on the end of the line back over the hook or jig.  The loop should be completely over the hook ending around the eyelet of the hook or jig.
Saltwater fishing knot - the palomar knot
Step 4
D)  Pull gently on both the loose end and attached line to tighten.   Trim the loose end to desired length and that's all there is.  
Palomar knot
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The Braid Knot

- This knot is one of the better knots for tying fish hooks, swivels, lures or jig heads when you are using any of the newer braided fishing lines.

The braid knot works especially well for the most slippery braided lines such as Fireline or Spiderwire.
Example of how to tie the braid knot
Step 1
Thread a double loop of line through the eyelet.
braid knot illustration
Step 2
Loop line around the tag end
and main line eight times.
The braid knot
Step 3
Thread the loop between the eyelet and coiled loops.
The braid knot
Step 4
Trim the tag end and also the double loop end leaving about a quarter inch.
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The Bimini Twist Fishing Knot

- The

bimini twist is one of the strongest knots

there is.   It can be a little intimidating at first but with a little practice it will become your best option for large saltwater fish such as Tarpon or Sharks.  One of the best knots for braided fishing line.
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Double uni knot

Best Knots for Tying Two Lines Together

Braided Line to Mono Leader
Youcatan Knot
Double Uni Knot

Youcatan Fishing Knot

-  The

Youcatan knot is one of the strongest and best choice of knots

if you are tying a monofilament leader to braided fishing line.
Youcatan fishing knot
Step 1
Wrap the double braid five or six times around the leader if using a mono leader and 10 to 12 times if using a braided leader.
Youcatan Knot
Step 2
Pull both lines until the knot is snug and trim both tag ends to about a 1/4 inch.
Finished Knot
Youcatan knot illustrated
page divider

The Double Uni Knot

-  Great knot choice for tying braided fishing line to a monofilament leader.
(can also be used to tie mono to mono)
Step 1
Double uni knot
Step 2  Make a 2nd uni knot
Double uni knot illustration
Step 3
Saltwater fishing knot
Wet line & gently pull until snug.
The double uni knot
Finished Knot
page divider

The Blood Knot


  Good fishing knot for tying two lines together of similar thickness and type.

A)  The blood knot is a very simple knot to tie as you can see by the illustration.
Step 1
Bood knot illustration
Step 2
Saltwater fishing knot the blood knot
Finished Knot
The blood knot
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